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Each main Legend of Korra villain represents a different political ideology.

Even the more minor villains like Varrick (who is not always necessarily a villain) and the Earth Queen represent ideologies as well:  Capitalism and Monarchy, respectively.

hmmmm people seem to forget how Amon’s entire ideology was based on religious fanaticism as well…

he claimed to have powers from the Spirits, then Unalaq showed up the very next season and actually had been vested with serious Spiritual abilities…I thought that was the obvious parallel between the two whereas Zaheer and Kuvira represent polar opposite political ideologies

furthermore, we have a cycle here!

  • Amon seeks liberation and equality
  • Unalaq seeks unification and order
  • Zaheer seeks liberation and equality
  • Kuvira seeks unification and order

Sure they happen to affect different places and times, but it is with intent that these villains tread in kind